AT&T Running Club
Upcoming Events

Please notify any other AT&T employees who might be interested in these events

Up next for the team; we need runners for all of these events (for Boston you must qualify on your own):

Boston Marathon, Boston, MA - April 16, 2018 (you must qualify on your own)
Contact: Lou Putnam

Penn Relays, Philadelphia, PA - April 27, 2018
Contact: Bob Peters

Houston Corporate Regionals, Houston, TX - May 19, 2018
Houston Info Page
Contact: Jacklyn Slaughter

Golden Corporate Relays - A National Championship - July 14-15, 2018
Contact: Lou Putnam

We can enter an unlimited number of runners in all races except for the Boston Marathon (you must qualify on your own) and the Penn Relays. Except for those two races, we welcome all age groups, job levels and abilities. Questions should be directed to Lou Putnam