AT&T Running Club

All funding is provided by personal donations; no funding is available from the company

General Information

  • The travel rebates (up to $500) are intended for new runners or previous runners (prior to 2014) who do not have the discretionary money to attend the meet.
  • We will also provide travel rebates of up to $200 for current team members who meet the Elite Standards and are in need of some financial assistance to attend the meet.
  • Travel expense rebates are initially available only for people who attend the Colorado Nationals, scheduled for July 29/30, 2017, in Boulder, CO and meet specific criteria.
  • Review criteria below and submit your application by July 1st, 2017

Criteria for this program:

A. Eligibility Categories

Check out the Rules for the specific definition of the five categories below:

Family members

B. USCAA Meet Participation

Never attended a USCAA National Meet or the 2016 Colorado Regional Meet, or
Last participated in a USCAA National Meet in 2013 or earlier.

C. Standards, Results and Application Form

Runners must submit results to verify that they have met one of the Elite Standards in a race during the past 12 months (7/1/16 - 6/30/17); only one result is required. Please note that certain AT&T work locations will not allow access to the Google application form; use your personal device.
Race results could be from a Certified Race/Sanctioned Event or from a time trial with an AT&T Running Team representative. Submission Deadline is 7/1/17.

Elite Standards
Application Form

D. Additional Information

If the needs of the team are met, the rebates may be given on a first-come first-served basis.
Elite Standards and rebate amounts are guidelines that we may adjust slightly depending on particular needs of our team.

Questions should be sent to Lou Putnam,